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Video Editor

young people are interested in producing content and creating posts for online business, they look at the word influencer as a profession. Many users need video editor programs to create video content.

Video editor with using augmented reality is a great option for producing content. Many users welcome new video editing tools to get their audience's attention.

We have created simple and professional features in our video editor platform so that users can edit their videos and share them on social networks.

Video editor features:

  • Video face filter
  • Video effect
  • Timeline
  • Add music
  • Trimming and cut
  • Create slideshows from photos
  • Share / export

Video face filter

Using face detected and face recognition, face components are identified and the selected face filter is applied to the user's face based on position change. These face filters include 3D and 2D objects, make-up and beauty, glasses, hats, etc.

When the user is recording video, he can apply face AR filter on his face and create a very interesting and interesting content.

Video effect

Video effect is a kind of color effect like Instagram on the whole image, these effects are applied to the video as augmented reality. In this version, the user can apply the desired effect on any part of the video


The timeline tool in video editing can display the sequence of frames, photos and videos to the user, so that the user can create effects, filters and music on the desired part.

video effect

Add music

Using the add music section, the user can select the desired music file from the music library section and create special sound effects on the video.

add music

Trimming and cut

Another feature of the video editor is the ability to cut the video for the desired part, you can select the video in the desired part and cut video.

Create slideshows from photos

Some users are interested in creating animated images from their photo archive, in this video editor we allow users to have an animated clip of their photos.

Trimming and cut

Share / export

After editing the video in this section, you can suggest to the user that the user can share the desired video or output it.

Augmented reality video editing engages users in the creative process and lets users self express with video, feel meaningful and become a creator or influencer.


What is augmented reality video editor?

Users need tools to record video to create video. Tik Tok, Instagram, etc. have been created for the possibility of making videos using augmented reality, users can record short videos like in TikTok adding face filters, 3D masks, beautification and post-processing effects to photos or video.

You can use it in multiple types of camera apps for mobile where users are expected to generate video content. Augmented reality video editor for short-video formats can add value to your existing solution or you can make it a central feature of your app.



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