Face augmented reality

What Face based AR Experiences You Can Create

Augmented reality is one of the most visible technologies used in applications. You can create augmented reality from hats, glasses,3D objects and even animated avatars on the face and use it to better interact with users and create a unique experience for the user.

Augmented reality is one of the most popular branches of artificial intelligence among applications. Augmented reality means adding 3D masks, effects, 2D and 3D objects to the face in real-time using face recognition and machine vision.

Face AR Game

Using face detection and face recognition 68 main points of the face and its components are identified and by moving the head and parts of the face, the game is performed in the form of augmented reality.

Users can control game elements using face expressions, touches or head turns. Face AR game filters are sure to boost your user time-spent in the app and increase satisfaction. (Heading, walking eggs in the mouth, cutting fruits with the nose, face puzzle, nose saber bit, the challenge of laughing percentage on the head, online runner with opening and closing the mouth)

Paint on face

With the touch of your finger on the mobile smart screen, you can paint on your face, paint your face with the details of your face and face, and paint any shape you want on your face.

Live AR face filter

You can animate 3D emojis, avatars or full-face AR masks that support and copy user facial expressions in real-time. In addition to face triggers, you can add touches to make your face filters even more interactive and fun to play with. You can combine several effects into one and allow users to change them by a tap. Or make 3D objects react to touches like in the example where the mask unlocks by a tap.

Selfie with famous characters

Using augmented reality, you can take selfies with famous people. This is a very interesting hobby for users and makes them not reject your application.

Selfie with famous characters

Glitch effect

You can use the glitch filter in real time and allow users to capture attractive and different videos. LUT effect like Instagram is another effect.


Background change

One of the problems of online video chat, especially in online training classes, is the background. We have solved this problem by removing the background and solving the background problem by creating an animated and appropriate background.

Face Tracking

FaceTrack detects and tracks one or more human faces within an image or video in real time. Use it to monitor changes in facial expressions, follow gaze direction, determine pupil coordinates, and more.



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