Augemented reality
beauty make up

Give beauty to your customers such as virtual makeup, hairstyles, face retouching in real time.

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Beauty AR

One of the best ways to use ar is to change your face with virtual makeup. For this purpose, eyelashes, eyebrow shadow, eye shadow, lipstick are used to change your face. Using the mobile phone camera, you can use different colors on your face. Try it for yourself and look more beautiful in the photos.

Face retouching AR

Another use is to retouch your face, which can remove blemishes, pimples and skin defects on your face and make your face smooth and even. You can use augmented reality makeup, photo, live chat, video, photo editor.

Other Features of face AR:

  • Hair color change
  • Jewelry testing
  • Piercing and tattoo test
  • Use in real time
  • Neck Smoothing
  • Acne Removal
  • Skin Smoothing

This section consists of two steps:

1. Makeup filter

2. Retouch filter

Face retouching AR

Why should we use face AR technology?

Give your users a perfect and beautiful face with augmented reality makeup. Users of your website or application can have a better experience with themselves and other social networks by using augmented reality makeup. Because applications such as Likee and Tik Tok have attracted many users using this technology.

Why us?

The machine vision was written by our experts and we used the opencv library. With the help of Unity, we have been able to get 30 frames for weak phones and 60 frames for strong mobile phones. We have designed a 3D mesh similar to Google Arcore that can be used on even the weakest cameras. our face tracking covers 90% of android devices.


What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that lets people superimpose digital content (images, sounds, text) over real-life scenes. By recognizing faces, bodies, hair by deep learning and using augmented reality, such as lenses snapchat, live emoticons,avatars, 3D objects, animated backgrounds and animations can be added to the camera screen.

Application, website, Urban beautification, Training and education, Entertainment, beauty and makeup, Gaming, Selling, medical, design, Tourism Industry, Public Safety, Biometric Attendance System

• Increase engagement with AR filters
• Boost organic traffic inspiring shares
• Reach younger audiences through immersive AR

These days, it’s possible to virtually try on or try out a variety of merchandise before buying: Sephora’s app lets you view cosmetics in AR on your face; IKEA offers a chance to “see” furniture in your home; paint brands let you virtually view colors on your walls; Warby Parker makes it possible to “try on” glasses frames without actually visiting a store location or ordering samples. Pre-pandemic, these offerings provided a way to enhance in-store experiences or make life a little easier for busy shoppers. Now, they’ve made it possible for many brands to sell to shoppers stuck in their homes. AR applications for eCommerce are poised to become the norm.



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