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Augmented reality

Using Face AR you can create fun, engaging, functional content and promote your customers to return to your program and not delete it and even share it with Face AR Create higher horizons for your business do.


Allow your customers to play with their faces using the attractive AR Filter games. Your users can control the game by using face mode or turning their head, using this technology will make more users use your program.


One of the most popular face filters is the beauty filter and face retouching, which gives users a beautiful face with virtual makeup. Change users' hair color and test piercing and Jewelry, tattoo on face.



By touching the color palettes on the smart touch screen, you can paint on your face as you wish and create an interesting entertainment for your users.


Adding facial animation and animated characters to the image can be an attractive idea for developers. This is possible with the Unity engine and face tracking.

Video editor

The Collection of features into your app

  • Face filter and AR filter to video

  • Add music, text, gif to video

  • Face beautification in real time

  • Trim, cut, split and transition

  • Add effect and change background

  • Create multi video select


Face Recognition

Face recognition is based on deep learning that identifies facial components and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as Deep Fake. We worked in the field

  • Automatic face detection, face recognition, face tracking

  • Morphing your face

  • Face blending

  • Face swaps

  • Human recognition

  • 3D head and body

  • Face editor for face plastic surgery

  • Face detection for driver monitoring system

  • Facial Recognition System for Biometric Attendance System



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